557Donations are transferred from Kickstart Kids International in

Donations are transferred from Kickstart Kids International in Australia and UK to our development partner Nanga Organization in Kenya. From there, Kickstart’s funds are applied directly to approved development projects. Kickstart receives confirmations of all transfers to ensure that all the money reaches its intended purpose. Nanga Org is a registered Kenyan NGO (non government development organisation) that has been established to ensure the local community have an active role in the decision making process. Kickstart’s founder, James Woodward, also sits on the Nanga Org board of Trustees. For more information on Nanga Organization click here.

On an annual basis, independent audits are curried out for Kickstart Kids International Limited in Australia, Kickstart Kids International (UK) and Nanga Organization in Kenya. The financial records of Nanga Organization are maintained by KPMG Kenya.

Members of Kickstart’s Australian and UK teams visit Kenya frequently to monitor and support the work of Nanga Organisation. Kickstart keeps in daily contact with our Kenyan team, working together in true partnership. Currently, Kickstart’s founder visits Olturoto Children’s Village at least once a quarter. Travel costs of Kickstart’s Australian team are not funded by donations.