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Kitting Out the New Children’s Home

It's almost time to open the next children's home and welcome in eight new kids, but first we need to kit out the house. We would appreciate any donations, big or small, to help us buy everything on our shopping list. Your contribution will allow us to provide a lovely home for the boys when they arrive. View the shopping list in Australian Dollars View the shopping List in British Pounds View the shopping list in Kenyan Shillings Please note that the list includes all the items needed to kit out an entire house for eight children and a matron. We aim to purchase products of the highest quality, that are safe, and built to last.

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Winnie accepted into university

On 3 March 2016, The Ministry of Education released the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) results. We were very pleased to learn that Winnie passed her exams and achieved the marks she needed to qualify for a place at university. The Kickstart team are proud of Winnie for her achievements, which have come about from her own hard work and dedication to her studies. She is truly setting a great example for the girls at Olturoto Childrens Village (OCV) and is a brilliant role model. In December 2015, we announced that Winnie had accepted a paid position at OCV, after high school, as a tutor to the girls and was learning admin and computer skills before she starts university in September 2016. To read more about Winnie's journey with Kickstart, click here  Winnie passes high school exams - gains place at university.

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Winnie comes full circle

You may have read about Winnie’s, one of our older beneficiaries, and her amazing journey in an article A Reflection from the Frontline of Hope by one of Kickstart’s directors Daniel Street. Winnie has been under Kickstart’s wings since she was nine years old and she recently completed high school. We are overjoyed to share that Winnie just joined the team at OCV as a tutor as she waits to start university in 2016! What an amazing story of courage and transformation. From being a beneficiary herself to impacting lives of other girls in similar circumstances  she was in. Whilst at OCV, Winnie will help the children with their homework on a day to day basis as well as provide extra tuition in English and Maths. The girls have taken well to her and are so excited to have a “big sister” to look up to. To them, Winnie is more than just a tutor. She represents  the positive trajectory their lives will take as a result of their interaction with Kickstart. In Winnie, they can witness the sheer possibilities of a transformed life ahead of them as they continue to journey with us. Indeed, Winnie is a symbol of promise and opportunity. During her time at OCV, Winnie will also get exposure to basic office duties and will also attend part time computer classes in preparation for her University studies.

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Reintegration of the Kids

As 2015 draws to a close, OCV will be reintegrating four of the eight girls back into the care of their guardians. Esther, Maria, Dorcas and Faith will be leaving OCV in December and will be placed back into families. The girls are very excited and happy with this development though they will miss OCV, the remaining girls and their house parent. Over the past 18 months since the girls were admitted, the programme manager William Omondi has worked tirelessly to resolve the various issues that had led to separation from their families. As a result of this hard work, the four girls can be placed back into caring and safe environments with close family and guardians who love them and have shown exemplary commitment in taking care of the girls. The girls have also gained admission into excellent schools within their respective localities and will join various classes in January 2016 to continue with their education. Kickstart will continue to closely monitor progress post-reintegration. Further, strong links have been established with local authorities and community support mechanisms. These links will help in ensuring that reintegration is a success. Frequent and random home visits will be made as part of follow up over the next one year. Though we are excited that the girls will be back with family, the prospect of saying goodbye is not easy. Esther, Maria, Dorcas and Faith will be greatly missed by all. We will be sure to update you on their progress once they settle back into the respective placement homes. The remaining four girls Janet, Serah, Vivian and Lillian will continue to stay as OCV even as various efforts continue towards their eventual reintegration. Once this inaugural reintegration process has been completed, four [...]

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New Farm Manager for Olturoto

Kickstart is pleased to welcome Esther Kingori as the new Farm Manager at Olturoto. Esther Kingori is an agronomist with 15 years’ experience working within the agricultural industry in Kenya including nine years at horticultural giant East African Growers where she held various positions and managed over 100 acres of land at various farms within the company. Esther brings on board her expertise growing various crops and herbs for export and local consumption e.g. snow peas, sugar snaps, chilies, French beans, sage, thyme, basil, watermelons, onions, tomatoes, cabbages, capsicums, cauliflower, broccoli and sweet corn. She has also successfully managed her own 31 acre farm. Esther's primary role will be to ensure that the farm is operating at optimum profitability in order to attain financial sustainability will which allow us to support the children at Olturoto. She will also ensure consistent supply of vegetables and fruits for the home contributing to the children's nutritional wellbeing. Esther has joined the team in Kenya at a critical time as we prepare to take in additional children in 2016. The farm remains a significant focal component of our sustainability strategy in the operations in Kenya. We believe Esther has the right skills, attributes and technical knowledge to make a difference. We wish her the very best as she continues to settle in and look forward to seeing great results on the Farm.

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A Reflection from the Frontline of Hope

Kickstart Board Director Daniel Street has written about his personal experience working with Kickstart in a moving essay titled A Reflection from the Frontline of Hope. The essay provides a unique look into the experiences of the kids that have been helped by Kickstart and the work that Kickstart is continuing to do. In particular, Daniel explores Winnie's journey with Kickstart, from a nine year old orphan in a slum in Kayole to an 18 year old young woman in her final year of high school looking to the future and her aspirations of becoming a doctor and helping others. Click here to read the essay. About Daniel: Daniel Street works in Global Economics and Strategy for the private-sector arm of the World Bank, International Finance Corporation, in Washington, D.C. He has served on the Australian Board of Kickstart Kids International Ltd since 2013.

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New DIY Fundraiser Kit

Our new DIY Fundraiser Kit is now available! We have created a comprehensive kit to provide you with everything you need to run a fun and successful fundraising event. There are many ways you can fundraise. You might do something all of your own design - a morning tea, your first 5km run without stopping, or a girls night in. You might join others in a large event such as the City to Surf, the Colour Run or, if you’re really committed, an Ironman! Click the link below access the kit. If you have any questions about running a fundraiser do not hesitate to contact any of the Kickstart team or drop an email to Link: DIY-Fundraising.pdf

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Annual reports 2014

Kickstart Kids International has today released its 2014 Australian and UK Annual Reports. In addition, we have permission from our Kenyan development partner, Nanga Organization, to also release its 2014 Annual Report. We warmly invite you to browse these reports where you will find information on our overseas aid activities, our performance and corporate governance structures. If you have any questions or require further information about Kickstart Kids International’s corporate governance, please contact us. Annual Reports: Kickstart Kids International Limited (AU) Kickstart Kids International UK Nanga Organisation 

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Fraud against Kickstart in Nairobi

Once again, Kickstart has been the target of fraudulent activity. A group in Nairobi are pretending to represent our management team and offering positions within our organisation for a bribe. Kickstart is not hiring at the moment. Any legitimate recruitment drives run in the future will be advertised publicly through Nairobi newspapers and verifiable via our website.

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Christmas appeal 2014

What a year it has been for Kickstart. The construction of the first home at Olturoto Chilldren's Village (OCV) was completed, Kickstart achieved tax deductibility status in Australia and welcomed eight gorgeous girls to OCV. It is thanks to our wonderful supporters that all of this has been possible. For Christmas this year, we are raising money for one of our incoming generating projects at Olturoto Children's Village in Kenya. We admitted eight girls in June and will be welcoming a further 24 children in 2015. Our goal is to purchase five cows and set up our milking station. We need GBP 5,500 (AU$10,000) to achieve it. Why? These five cows will provide three significant benefits to the kids at Olturoto Children's Village. 1. The milk from the cows can be consumed by the kids providing food security 2. Excess milk can be sold at the local markets to generate extra sustainable income and financial security 3. In keeping with Kickstart's commitment to environmental sustainability the manure from the cows can go into our bio-gas chambers to fuel the cooking in each of the children's homes. Thanks for reading. Please help us raise the funds: Click here if you're in Australia Click here if you're in the UK Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the entire Kickstart team.

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