You may have read about Winnie’s, one of our older beneficiaries, and her amazing journey in an article A Reflection from the Frontline of Hope by one of Kickstart’s directors Daniel Street.

Winnie has been under Kickstart’s wings since she was nine years old and she recently completed high school. We are overjoyed to share that Winnie just joined the team at OCV as a tutor as she waits to start university in 2016! What an amazing story of courage and transformation. From being a beneficiary herself to impacting lives of other girls in similar circumstances  she was in.

Whilst at OCV, Winnie will help the children with their homework on a day to day basis as well as provide extra tuition in English and Maths. The girls have taken well to her and are so excited to have a “big sister” to look up to. To them, Winnie is more than just a tutor. She represents  the positive trajectory their lives will take as a result of their interaction with Kickstart. In Winnie, they can witness the sheer possibilities of a transformed life ahead of them as they continue to journey with us. Indeed, Winnie is a symbol of promise and opportunity.

During her time at OCV, Winnie will also get exposure to basic office duties and will also attend part time computer classes in preparation for her University studies.