As 2015 draws to a close, OCV will be reintegrating four of the eight girls back into the care of their guardians. Esther, Maria, Dorcas and Faith will be leaving OCV in December and will be placed back into families. The girls are very excited and happy with this development though they will miss OCV, the remaining girls and their house parent.

Over the past 18 months since the girls were admitted, the programme manager William Omondi has worked tirelessly to resolve the various issues that had led to separation from their families. As a result of this hard work, the four girls can be placed back into caring and safe environments with close family and guardians who love them and have shown exemplary commitment in taking care of the girls. The girls have also gained admission into excellent schools within their respective localities and will join various classes in January 2016 to continue with their education.

Kickstart will continue to closely monitor progress post-reintegration. Further, strong links have been established with local authorities and community support mechanisms. These links will help in ensuring that reintegration is a success. Frequent and random home visits will be made as part of follow up over the next one year.

Though we are excited that the girls will be back with family, the prospect of saying goodbye is not easy. Esther, Maria, Dorcas and Faith will be greatly missed by all. We will be sure to update you on their progress once they settle back into the respective placement homes.

The remaining four girls Janet, Serah, Vivian and Lillian will continue to stay as OCV even as various efforts continue towards their eventual reintegration. Once this inaugural reintegration process has been completed, four new girls will be admitted into Grace House before Christmas.