What a year it has been for Kickstart. The construction of the first home at Olturoto Chilldren’s Village (OCV) was completed, Kickstart achieved tax deductibility status in Australia and welcomed eight gorgeous girls to OCV. It is thanks to our wonderful supporters that all of this has been possible.

For Christmas this year, we are raising money for one of our incoming generating projects at Olturoto Children’s Village in Kenya. We admitted eight girls in June and will be welcoming a further 24 children in 2015. Our goal is to purchase five cows and set up our milking station. We need GBP 5,500 (AU$10,000) to achieve it.

Why? These five cows will provide three significant benefits to the kids at Olturoto Children’s Village.

1. The milk from the cows can be consumed by the kids providing food security

2. Excess milk can be sold at the local markets to generate extra sustainable income and financial security

3. In keeping with Kickstart’s commitment to environmental sustainability the manure from the cows can go into our bio-gas chambers to fuel the cooking in each of the children’s homes.

Thanks for reading. Please help us raise the funds:

Click here if you’re in Australia

Click here if you’re in the UK

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the entire Kickstart team.