Hear what’s happening in Kenya from our General Manager, Victoria.

November 2013

Welcome to the first issue of Victoria’s Voice! We appreciate you taking time to read this blog and hope you will continue to do so each month.

Victoria’s Voice is intended to bring you news and updates from the Olturoto Children’s Village (OCV) which is sponsored by Kickstart Kids International through its local partner Nanga Organization.

Congratulations Bonnie!

We have exciting news! Bonnie, one of the OCV children, recently sat for his Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) which will allow him to join high school in 2014. Bonnie is expected to perform well as he has been ranking top 5 in his class. We wish him all the success and look forward to the release of the results in December.

The Green is Here!

Olturoto is located close to Kitengela approximately 110kms from the City of Nairobi. The terrain is generally quite dry and rocky especially during the dry season. The last couple of months have been quite dry, duty and quite HOT as would be expected. A drive to OCV will typically leave you hugging your water bottle searching for the nearest tree for some shade.

However, the last two weeks of November have seen the area blessed with a bit of rainfall and the results? A cool green crisp environment! I was surprised to see a bit of still water in the seasonal river running near OCV. The river bed is usually as dry as the desert. The area looks simply lovely and at least the cattle and goats from the local herdsmen have something to eat.

Alfred, the supervisor at the OCV farm recently recounted how a few sheep owned by a local pastoralist had literally collapsed at the OCV gate. They were on the brink of death from starvation and thirst! Alfred and several of the other farm hands had then carried the sheep into the compound, fed and gave them a drink of water. Within a few days, the sheep were up and about grazing within the compound. With the care offered by the OCV family, the sheep soon regained strength and even gained weight! The owner was very grateful and the sheep headed home all healthy and better.

Thank you OCV family for providing foster care to the sheep J.  This is indeed the model that OCV is seeking to establish i.e. Rehabilitation and Re-integration. What great role models the staff are!

Nyumba Ya Kwanza (First House)

Grace our first house, is almost ready for occupation!  Construction has been going well with tiling, plumbing and electrical works being completed within the month. The place looks absolutely smashing!

December will see the completion of the house and the beginning of the kitting process. The process for acquiring Children Charitable Institution (CCI) status from the Ministry of Social Services in Kenya has also began. All these process are bringing us much closer to our goal of having the home open in 2014.  I can’t wait to see the happy, smiling faces of children running all over at OCV. Can’t you as well?

Karibu (Welcome) Everlyne

This month, the OCV family welcomed a new staff member into the team. Everlyne Nyamisa Manyoni joined the team as a farm hand and so far she has really enjoyed her stay, working side by side with the rest of the team. 26 year old Everlyne is form Gucha, which is part of Kisii County towards the Western part of Kenya. Welcome to OCV Everlyne!!

Farm Activities

Lucy, the Farm manager had taken a well deserved break within the month. Activities went on as usual with Alfred, the Supervisor overseeing ploughing and harvesting. A new crop of Chilies were planted.  Lucy also planted some yummy water melons…I can’t wait to taste them once they are ready for Harvest.

With the Christmas season around the corner, many of the staff members are hoping to head home to their families whilst a few will remain at the farm to keep things going. All are looking forward to the celebrations.

Next Time… Look out for pictures of the painting galore session with staff members from the Tile & Carpet Centre who will be helping paint Grace’s Living room and kitchen on the 14th December.

Hadi wakati mwingine (till next time)…..